Cutting Your Draft

Colleges really put a lot of time and effort into how they were these prompts so if you don’t directly address a prompt this doesn’t mean you have to read you have to mention the exact wording of a prompt in your answer I know a lot of people are taught like that this doesn’t mean that what it does mean is that you need to answer the question they’re asking so if they’re asking for a life-changing experience give them a life-changing experience don’t give them and experience that happened over a long period of time and say that it perhaps change your life in little ways they want to know of one discrete moment and they asked the question like that for a specific reason a lot of times the reason are unclear to us. Learn more about developing your essay draft at Edusson.

But it’s the important point is is that they have them and you should follow their instructions because of it don’t forget to really analyze and think about the problem now the prompt I introduced you before I gave you the vague idea they want your central morals they want your story they want insight but if you really analyze and think about the prompt all the things that they gave you all the things that they gave you were very very specific examples like background identity interests or talent they want a very very clear subject and so they’re trying to guide your thesis of I say in that way don’t forget to keep it simple as I said it should sound like something you could read aloud as opposed to something you would turn in academically if you’re Russell or teacher they want something that they can read and hear you actually talking to them it wants to be it needs to be a very very personal connection you can use foreign specifical dog in words. Even more info on working with drafts here.

And this might seem like a mixed signal since I said not to use too much of it but the point is to use it in moderation you can use College of vocabulary words and they want to know you’re intelligent and engaging so it’s very very good to use of words but do not open up a thesaurus every time you think one of your words is perhaps too simple sometimes simple words are the best way to explain your point for example happy should perhaps have a qualification like oh I was elated excited I was euphoric but words like I was the bricks were red you don’t have to paint that specific of a word picture because perhaps in your mind in your perception is only important that the bricks were red you know one member focus on what you would focus on don’t forget to cut out as much as possible after draft this is one of my most difficult points I think for students to grasp a lot of the time because it’s really impossible to kill your darlings.