Killing Your Darlings

Sometimes you write something that you really really enjoy but perhaps you’ve already said it in a different or better way and just because you really like the point doesn’t mean you have to repeat it over and over and the admissions officers are very very intelligent people they will understand what you’re trying to […]

Cutting Your Draft

Colleges really put a lot of time and effort into how they were these prompts so if you don’t directly address a prompt this doesn’t mean you have to read you have to mention the exact wording of a prompt in your answer I know a lot of people are taught like that this doesn’t […]

Find Your Application Focus

Your entire application for the most part focuses on academics and they’ve heard enough about that they need to hear more about you as a person of course who went down like yourself there should be an insight to you as a person so they want to hear your unique voice for example if you […]

Engaging In Essay

Engage your reader in how you were feeling how you felt afterwards and what that affected in you as a person so there are a lot of things you want to do and this includes this is includes everything from little things that you want to make sure to be doing to how to begin […]

Hints For A Good Essay

Don’t speak in the third person for example do not be too objective do remember that this is supposed to be a personal insight into your motivations and yourself as a human and not yourself as a student perhaps it’ll be vague or general and do not philosophize in preaching moral I think these two […]

An Appealing Essay

The purpose of this essay is to show your personality to the admissions officers it is to explain what your application cannot outside of statistics and statistics means things like us from anything from SAT schools and test scores and grades and GPA to things even like activities sometimes activities cannot fully explain to the […]